London Ontario Documents

  1. City of London. Smart Moves – the London 2030 Transportation Master Plan (TMP). (2013)
  2. City of London. Community Energy Action Plan. (2014)
  3. City of London. London’s Community Diversity and Inclusion Strategy. (2017)
  4. City of London. London Urban Agriculture Strategy. (2017)
  5. City of London. London’s Community Energy Action Plan (CEAP): A Mid-Term Review (2018)
  6. City of London. London Cultural Prosperity Plan. (2018)
  7. City of London. City of London Newcomer Strategy. (2018)
  8. City of London. Pollution Prevention and Control Plan (PPCP). (2018)
  9. City of London. 2017 Community Energy & Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory. (2018)
  10. City of London. Strategic Plan 2019-2023. (2019)
  11. City of London. Housing Stability For All. (2019)
  12. Cycling Advisory Committee. City of London Cycling Master Plan Review. (2019)
  13. Kovacs Inc. Back to the river community consultation report. (2015)
  14. London Community Foundation. Vital Signs Report. (2018)
  15. MDB Insight. London’s Community Economic Roadmap. (2015)
  16. Middlesex London Food Policy Council. Beyond Waste Forum Final Report. (2018)
  17. Middlesex-London County. Community Drug & Alcohol Strategy (CDAS). (2018)
  18. Thames Valley District School Board. TVDSB Guideline for Inclusive Learning Cultures: Supporting Trans and Gender Diverse Students & Staff. (2018)
  19. United Way Elgin Middlesex. London For All: A Roadmap to End Poverty. (2016)


  1. Anthony F. Pipa. Shaping the global agenda to maximize city leadership on the SDGs: The experiences of vanguard cities. at Brookings, Washington DC (2019).
  2. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), GmbH, Network Associations of Local Authorities of South-East Europe. Agenda 2030 in my municipality (2019).
  3. Kanuri, Chaitanya, et al. Getting started with the SDGs in Cities. SDSN (2016).
  4. Local 2030. Localizing the SDGs.
  5. Nordregio. Global goals for local priorities: The 2030 Agenda at local level. (2018).
  6. United Cities and Local Governments. Fostering a Localization Movement. (2018).

Other Cities

  1. City of Winnipeg. MyPeg. (2019).
  2. City of New York. OneNYC 2018. (2018).
  3. City of Los Angeles. A Voluntary Local Review in Progress. (2019).
  4. Aspiration to Action Project. Voluntary Local Review Lab.

Canada Documents

  1. Canadian Council for International Co-operation (CCIC). Progressing national SDGs implementation: An independent assessment of the voluntary national review report, Ottawa (2018).
  2. Canadian Index of Wellbeing. Mapping the Canadian Index of Wellbeing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, University of Waterloo. (2016).
  3. Community Foundations Canada. “Vital Signs: Informing Canada’s 2030 Strategy” A report to Employment and Social Development Canada (2019).
  4. Global Affairs Canada. Canada’s Implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: Voluntary National Review. Government of Canada. (2018).
  5. Ho, Elaine, and Jeremy Runnals. Empowering Canadians through sustainable development. Waterloo Science Global Initiative (2018).
  6. McArthur, John W., and K. Rasmussen. “Who and what gets left behind.” Assessing Canada’s domestic status on the sustainable development goals, Global Development and Economy at Brookings, Washington DC (2017).
  7. StatCan – Government of Canada. Sustainable Development Goals Data Hub.

Framework Analysis

  1. International Council for Science. A Guide to SDG Interactions: from Science to Implementation. International Council for Science, Paris. DOI:10.24948/2017.01. (2017).
  2. Le Blanc, David. Towards integration at last? The sustainable development goals as a network of targets. Sustainable Development 23, no. 3 (2015): 176-187.

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