We can build a better city together. But we need to understand our challenges and how to help each other. What is your passion? Who can you work with? Click on the SDG icons to explore the issues that matter the most to our community.

The complex challenges our cities are facing today are all interconnected. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a holistic framework for integrating social, environmental, and economic targets for systemic change. Through this work, we aim to contribute to a shared language among different sectors (public, private, not-for-profit) and align all levels of policies from local to federal to global. This initiative will provide relevant information for assessing collaborations, gaps, duplications, and needs across key decision-makers, agents of change, funders and stakeholders in general.

In order to assess status for each indicator, we use a mixed-method approach. A combination of quantitative data (statistical information, data tables) and qualitative data (reports, articles). Each indicator was then placed under one of four categories: On track, acceleration needed, breakthough needed, moving backwards

Four levels of indicator status
  • On track: Progress occurring at a high or significant pace. At this rate, target can be achieved by 2030.
  • Acceleration needed: Progress occuring at a slower rate than necessary to reach target by 2030.
  • Breakthrough needed: Stagnant or very little progress. It might indicate doing things differently rather than simply increasing efforts.
  • Moving backwards: challenge is getting bigger, getting further from the target.

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