Neighbourhoods Conversations

Last year we took a deep dive into the Sustainable Development Goals to understand what they meant for Middlesex-London. On top of the local indicators, the core message that emerged from our research was INTEGRATION. In order to solve our wicked problems, we need cross-sector collaboration, multiple levels of government working together and an understanding…

Housing update – Aug 2020

The London and St. Thomas Association of Realtors (LSTAR) said in the month of July the average price of a home —  including single detached homes and high-rise condos — was up 19.6 per cent. The average price of a home in south London, which includes data from the western part of the city, was $449,448 in the month…

Localize the SDGs: Another Lesson from the Pandemic

When we set out to identify the global indicators from the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) framework that are relevant to our city, one of our first findings was: The global indicators need to be localized. They are not applicable in their original form. That conclusion was based on a deep dive into the indicators and…

Finding our name

Localizing the SDGs has been an incredible journey so far. As we get ready to take another important step – launching our website – we are asking for feedback from everyone involved in the process so far to choose our name. We’ve got twenty-six responses in our survey plus a few emails and phone calls.…

Urban Agriculture

Sustainable agriculture is addressed in Zero Hunger (SDG2) and land use is addressed under Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDG11). However, agricultural practices within urban areas is not present in any of the two global goals. London, Ontario has 17 community gardens located on municipally owned land. According to the City of London, there are over…


Gender within the original SDG framework is viewed strictly as binary (male/female). However, non-binary gender is a reality present in our everyday lives. The feedback from local champions about equality, diversity and inclusion were clear about the relevance of this topic. This is documented in some of the reference documents including the LCF 2018 Vital…

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