SDG3 – Good Health & Well-being

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

Local IndicatorDescription
Obesity (SDG2)Percentage of population with BMI above normal levels
Unmet Health Needs (SDG1)Proportion of population which reported that their health care needs were not met when they needed it during the past 12 months
Sense of belongingPortion of population who would describe their sense of belonging to local community as: very strong; somewhat strong; somewhat weak; very weak.
Maternal MortalityMaternal mortality ratio
Tuberculosis IncidenceTuberculosis incidence per 100,000 population
Mental HealthSelf-reported levels of mental health and well-being
Hospital visitsNumber of hospital visits per year per 1000 of the population
HIV incidenceNumber of new HIV infections per 1,000 uninfected population, by sex, age and key populations
HepC incidenceHepC incidence per 100,000population
Non-communicable diseases incidenceMortality rate attributed to cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes or chronic respiratory disease
Substance Use TreatmentCoverage of treatment interventions (pharmacological, psychosocial and rehabilitation and aftercare services) for substance use disorders
Heavy drinkingHarmful use of alcohol, defined according to the national context as alcohol per capita consumption (aged 15 years and older)
Adolescent birthAdolescent birth rate (aged 10–14 years; aged 15–19 years) per 1,000 women in that age group
Tobacco useAge-standardized prevalence of current tobacco use, including vaping among persons aged 15 years and older

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